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Atlanta's Snowden isn't unfamiliar with a catchy beat, but listeners that dig down under the surface learn that there's a little more to this post-punk venture than initially meets the eye (or ear). For every reverb-drenched guitar riff, there's a heavy bass line and an intricate drumbeat that keeps listeners reminded that while Snowden is smart, they do it without being snarky or overarching. Recommended for fans of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or The French Kicks. Out of Mississippi, Colour Revolt back in 2006 had to scrap recording plans due to Hurricane Katrina and their basement recording studio's sudden influx of storm refugees. Nothing like traditional music one may associate with the deep south, the band's music may come on slowly, but soon the rasped vocals make way for anguished screams, and what sounds like two guitars morph into the kind of manic axe army made to create audience frenzy.


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