The Breeders

with Colour Revolt

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  • Categories: Rock
  • Event posted: Feb. 22, 2008
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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For much of the 1990s, the most acclaimed twins to dominate MTV were not those golden-haired heartthrobs from Nelson. No, it was Kim and Kelley Deal of The Breeders, the band originally formed in 1988 by ex-Pixies bassist Kim Deal and ex-Throwing Muses singer Tanya Donnelly. By 1993, the band had achieved fame based on a hit record ("Last Splash"), a huge single ("Cannonball") and a European tour opening for Nirvana. Lineup changes and drug busts curbed the momentum over the ensuing years, but now The Breeders are back with a fourth album, "Mountain Battles," released last month. Both guitar-wielding Deal sisters are together again at center stage, allied with drummer Jose Medeles, and bassist Mando Lopez.


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