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Originally hailing from Columbia, MO, Mahjongg decided a few years back to pack up its polyrhythmic funk beats, quasi-tribal percussion, Atari sound effects and absurdist lyrics and head up to Chicago. Hidden in the band's seemingly indecipherable self-description is the word "irritainment," but the substance behind the talk of Spheres and Orbs is some totally fun music intended to get everyone onto the dance floor. The group's seven-plus members recently inked a deal with K Records (home to fellow avant-dance acts like Dub Narcotic Sound System and The Blow) to release its ambitious new LP "Kontpab." Fans of !!! (Chk Chk Chk) and The Rapture submit!In its short time together, local faves Coat Party have shown that they know how to get the kids to dance. The basic ante of drums, synths, and bass is way upped with energetic vocal battles between Alison Cain and Cassandra Peters. The result is something akin to Le Tigre in all its raucous punk swagger and electro-hook glory.Kansas City's I Love You will be opening the night with bass-heavy, discordant melodies honed through a near-mythic spate of touring during the last two years.


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