INnatesounds Crew Record Release

with Miles Bonny / Stik Figa / Deep Thinkers / CES Cru / Beatbroker / Reggie B / Daru

Event details

Oftentimes, the prevailing logic regarding the Kansas City and Lawrence hip-hop scenes is that our homeboys could be worldwide if they just got organized. Enter INnatesounds. The brainchild of producer extraordinaire Miles Bonny, INnatesounds began to take shape when Bonny's former SoundsGood collaborator Joe Good "retired" from the game (time will tell if Joe-Z gets back in the ring). Left to his own devices, Bonny unionized the area's best hip-hop talent (and associates from California to Britain) into a collaborative, scene-boosting crew. During two months of workhorse sessions, the 20-strong caboodle assembled its debut compilation. The 18-song "Alpha" collection is a chest-beating battle cry to locals, non-locals and extraterrestrials.INnatesounds is:Miles Bonny (co-founder of SoundsGood, producer of hot traxxx for Sage Francis, Stik Figa, etc)Deep Thinkers (Leonard D. Stroy + Brother of Moses)Reggie B (R&B vocalist)Daru (drummer for Slum Village)Joc Max (KC producer)Beatbroker (Symbol Heavy producer) CES Cru (Ubiquitous + Godemis)Stik Figa (rapper and Farmers Ball champ)Smoov Confusion (Soul Servers)John Brewer (keyboardist for Organic Proof and John Brewer Trio)Brandon Draper (KC jazz drummer) S.G. (Veterans Click) TE1 (U.K. rapper)TahaD/WillTonight's performers will include Miles Bonny, Deep Thinkers, CES Cru, Stik Figa, Beatbroker, Reggie B, Daru and Smoov Confusion.


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