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Adrianne Verhoeven (a.k.a Dri) has been singing feverishly for a decade or so, first as a member of The Anniversary and now with Fourth of July and Omaha's Art in Manila. Though she's always been happy to share the mic, it's all Dri on her debut solo album "Smoke Rings" (Range Life Records), which marks a left turn into poptronica and blip-hop. Rather than compose with guitar or piano, Dri enlisted local producers Steve Swyers (Say My Name), Josh Powers (Scenebooster), Jeremy Nesbitt (Nezbeat) and Patrick Hangauer to cook up sexy instrumentals to riff on. The result is something akin to Feist or Lily Allen-infectious pop music with injections of reggae, doo-wop and hip-hop.Lawrence's Fourth of July has been garnering great reviews and widespread airplay for its debut LP "Fourth of July on the Plains." The locally produced album (Mixtape Studios) showcases lead songwriter Brendan Hangauer's witty late-night lyricisms and the sharp musicianship of his six-piece band featuring harmony vocals from Adrianne Verhoeven (formerly of The Anniversary). Ranging from tuneful indie folk to jubilant lo-fi-in-hi-fi pop, "Fourth of July on the Plains" sounds just as good nearly a year after its release.Suzannah Johannes is the newest addition to the Range Life Records roster. The talented songstress will release her debut album in April, featuring backing from Ghosty's Dave Wetzel and Josh Adams. Her mellow tunes employ fingerpick guitar, piano, percussion and brush drums to convey lovely melodies that could sit comfortably beside a campfire.


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