The Ants / Drakkar Sauna / Billy Spears and the Beer Bellies

Benefit for Headquarters Counseling Center

Event details

This early patio show to benefit Headquarters Counseling Center features The Ants, Drakkar Sauna, Billy Spears and the Beer Bellies and feel-good yacht rock tunes by Smooth Moves between bands.The Ants are the collective shitstorm of local songwriter Chad Bryan, drummer Sean McEniry, keyboardist Dave Randall and bassist Brad Nichols. Descriptions like "If the Grateful Dead did more drugs" or "If Hunter S. Thompson was a songwriter" really don't help at all, so let's just say the band is a good one that won't invite the throwing of rotten fruits or firstborn children.Drakkar Sauna's new album "Wars & Tornadoes" is a collection of Louvin Brothers covers. Songs of old-timey despair and redemption from the '40s and '50s by a couple of siblings who were torn apart by alcoholism never sounded so toe tappin'.Billy Spears is a consummate Lawrence fiddler who has sawed his bow at fairgrounds, festivals and taverns for more than four decades. His forte spans new country, old country, western swing and bluegrass -- but definitely none of that Toby Keith crap.


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