Puppet Wars: Attack of the Felt”

The Felt Show Vs. The Sh*tty Deal Puppet Theater Showdown

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  • Categories: Comedy, Theater
  • Event posted: Jan. 11, 2008
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

On Friday January 25, 2008 Lawrence's premier (ok, only) puppet troupes The Felt Show and The Shitty Deal Puppet Theater will have a showdown at Fatso's.The Felt Show has been performing in Lawrence and Kansas City since 2005, bringing together adult comedy and puppets in a way that would make Jim Henson alternately laugh and weep were he alive to witness it himself.The Shitty Deal Puppet Theater began life as a part of the Victor Continental Show in 1998, and has since crossed the pond garnering praise in the UK with witty shows like Shitty Deal Puppet Theatre Company's Complete History of Oppressed People Everywhere (Now with 120% more Oppression)!The first shots in this skirmish began with an interview in Lawrence.com in which the Shitty Deal players claimed area dominance over the Felt Show in the struggle for local puppet supremacy. The Felt Show fired back, but their homemade felt rockets were unable to cross the Atlantic and cause proper destruction. Upon realizing that the Shitty Deal was bound to return to Lawrence at some point, plans (and traps) were laid and finally came to fruition with the booking of Puppet Wars, where the question of whose troupe rules the Lawrence roost will be decided once and for all as Shitty Deal and The Felt Show trade skits and quips. In addition to the feuding puppets, opening act The Electric Needle Room will provide clever musical repartee, and the KU Juggling Club will astound the audience with their feats of juggling prowess. Doors will open at 8pm; cover is $5 with valid ID.Faux fur and felt are sure to fly, and a splendid time will be had by all.


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