Bang Camaro (early all-ages show)

with Dead Girls Ruin Everything

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Bang Camaro is a METAAAAAAL! band -- more Damn Yankees than Pantera -- with three guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and anywhere from 15 to 20 singers. The gang-vocal sound that informs classic Skid Row cuts is capably reanimated by a Boston collective of totally unironic hipsters with deadpan handlebar mustaches. Since cramming so many metalheads in a tour bus can cause massive indigestion, the band has been using MySpace to solicit "choirs" across the country to round out the live shows. With a song on "RockBand" and a headlining date at Madison Square Garden, the world appears to be waking up to the Bang Camaro M.O.Lawrence's beloved DGRE open.Below: Bang Camaro's "Push Push (Lady Lightning)"


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