Hadag Nachash

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In times of turmoil, artistic expression can be a saving grace. This truism is particularly evident in the music of Hadag Nachash, an eight-piece Israeli group that has weathered numerous trials (such as the death of producer Benny the B in a university suicide bombing) en route to becoming one of the top acts in its homeland. Needless to say, the group's U.S. tours offer a modicum of calm amidst the ongoing storm. Though the group's lyrics are written in Hebrew, audiences seem to have no problem relating to the energetic beats: a live-band amalgam of funk, hip-hop, electronica and ska. The group's best-known song "Shirat HaSticker" (see below) caught the attention of the New York Times; a similarly subversive sense of humor informs the rest of the group's four-album catalog.Update: Tickets are free for KU students with KU ID. This event is sponsored by KU Hillel.


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