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It's so hard to tell what's metal these days. Ever since Metallica took its eyes off the prize and Limp Bizkit made us all exclaim "There is no Sataaaan!!!" it's all been a blur. Thankfully, it takes about two hellraising seconds to figure out that Hammerlord is most definitely metal. Earth-scorching guitar leads, double-bass-drum blasts, guttural vocals, lyrics about spilt blood and the "Throne of Azathoth" -- metal like the wolf. Duel lead guitarists Ty Scott and J.P. Gaughan shred their brains out on Hammerlord's debut self-titled LP, and drummer Adam Mitchell (the original "Hammerlord") is a Guitar Center clinic on 'roids. In other words: New Year's Eve at the Replay is gonna be hella metal.


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