Dri / The California Craisins / Myles Turney

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Lawrence's premier diva had a productive 2008: tracking a session for Daytrotter, opening for Modest Mouse and Conor Oberst, and scoring a fashion feature in Interview Magazine. The songs on Dri's debut album "Smoke Rings" wouldn't sound out of place on a Sade record if it weren't for the modern electronica and hip-hop inflections. And there's oh so much more crammed between the cracks of her breezy vocals; soulful 6/8 torch songs, Feist-like summer jams and even a bit of that Fleetwood Mac song-and-dance that her old band The Anniversary did so well.Lawrence's The California Craisins play songs inspired by blood, sweat, and outtasight psychedelics. Comprised of the former members of folk group Sick Bird, The Craisins have abandoned their tin-can, dust-bowl laments in favor of far-out electric surf sounds. They also like to cover the Velvet Underground.


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