Ad Astra Per Aspera / Hospital Ships / Weird Wounds

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Tonight's homecoming show for Ad Astra Per Astra comes on the heels of Kurt and Julie's move to NYC and a series of 7-inches that demonstrated the versatility of one of Lawrence's best bands. 2008 was a year of experiments for the artsy rock combo, which covered songs by Drakkar Sauna and a bunch of other bands in addition to writing a diverse body of new material. Let's hope they find a way to keep the good ship Astra rolling in 2009.When he wasn't opening for Coldplay as the trumpet player for Shearwater, Jordan Geiger found time in 2008 to finish his debut record as Hospital Ships. "Oh Ramona" featured guest turns from Spencer Goertz-Giffen (The Kinetiks), Josh Adams (Ghosty) and Evan Saathoff (Evan Saathoff) amongst others. More pensive than recent releases from his Geiger's band Minus Story but no less ambitious, the album is an intimate lo-fi bedroom pop record recorded in mighty hi-fi.


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