Tony Gaines

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  • Categories: Hip-hop / rap
  • Event posted: Nov. 4, 2008
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Lawrence MC/producer Tony Gaines describes his own music: The word ..feelings,.. is repeated frequently when Tony Gaines is discussing his music, and feelings are exactly what his lyrics invoke in those listening. His lyrics are a reflection of his truth, his life. There are no preconceived ideas; Gaines raps from his heart with meaningful, thought- provoking lyrics based on true and at times raw emotion. He connects his life with the lives of his audience and if you aren..t from where he..s from he..ll take you there with his words. With those words he has the uncanny ability to bring an understanding of life..s struggles to outsiders as well as maintaining relevance to his hardcore followers. The real shit, that..s what ..he..s.. on! With unrivaled skills, Gaines has a unique and natural ability to create beats, compose music, write thought- provoking lyrics and provide a ..hook.. ya can bob your head to. He does for the L.O.V.E... More on his Myspace page


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