Fresh Produce Art Show: “Black Monday, After Black Friday”


Event details

"Black Monday- After Black Friday" is a one-night-only show. Teller's has opened their doors for the 7th time in two years to allow Fresh Produce to take over the second and third-floor balconies for a unique art experience. A bar will be set up on the second floor and serve $5 glasses of wine. 47 artists will feature new works for this original art "avant."Particpating artists include: Aaron Storck, Adam Dorrsom, Alecia Kelly Carr, Andrew Bones, Andrew Hadle, Andy Burkitt, Anne Bruce, E.D. Eek, Ben Dory, Betsy Timmer, Brandon Mateer, Charles Ray, Dan Dishman, Eric Dobbins, Erok Johanssen, George DeMoura, George Pele Peley, Jeremy Rockwell, Jeremy Stephenson, Jeromy Morris, John Grame, John Reeves, Jordan Briceland, Jordan Tarrant, Josie Wrath, JOUVELT, Kristi Arnold, K.T. Wlash, Lee Piechocki, Leo Haden, Luke Bender, Margaux DeRoux, Michael Day, Molly Murphy, Monica Gundelfinger, Natalie Anne Dye, Ostaf Heller, Paul Flinders, Phillip Heying, Mr. Robert Gandy, Scott Stewart, Shane Audley, Stephen Anderson-Story, Todd Gandy, Wayne Propst, Whit Bones and Yuri Zupancic.Learn more about Fresh Produce


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