The Roseline / The Whipsaws / The Gaslights

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The Roseline purveys a style of rootsy, melodic Americana influenced by wide-ranging artists such as Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Gram Parsons and Josh Ritter. The band's second release, "Lust for Luster" sees an increased role for keyboardist/percussionist Ehren Starks, who split writing duties with principal songwriter Colin Halliburton. Riding shotgun are Jeff Jackson's sublime pedal steel licks and an understated rhythm section that you'd totally let make out with your sister. Listen to our podcast preview of the Roseline's new album.Alaska's The Whipsaws are embarking on a tour of the lower 48 states to support their new album "60 Watt Avenue." Though the Anchorage-based group sells out numerous venues in its home state, it's largely an unknown commodity on the mainland. Wielding a heavy hatchet of twangy guitars and muscular drums, the quartet follows in the footsteps of bands like Uncle Tupelo, the Jayhawks and Lucero.


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