Truckstop Honeymoon / Midday Ramblers

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Since they relocated to Lawrence in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Mike West and Katie Euliss have continued doing what they've always done best: writing, recording and performing music like their lives depended on it (which, as full-time musicians, is exactly the case). The duo's fifth LP "Great Big Family" (due out this summer) boldly reflects on the loss of their former life in New Orleans and the start of a new one in Kansas."Bluegrass Music is Fun" is the title of The Midday Ramblers third album, and, well, they're right. The Ramblers serve it up in the old Opry format-one mic, nice suits, smooth harmonies and zero cussin.' Besides their unique interpretations of traditional faves like "John Hardy" and "Katy Cline," the band plays a number of originals and some instrumentals that walk the line between oldgrass and newgrass.


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