Pokey LaFarge

with The Kansas City Bear Fighters

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If Pokey LaFarge had been born in the early 1900s, his steam-engine folk tunes probably would have ended up on Smithsonian Folkways compilations. The St. Louis-based solo performer kicks it super old-school-like '20s style-with a style influenced by long-dead icons like Jimmie Rogers and Rev. Gary Davis. His driving thumb-and-index-finger guitar picking mimics old barrelhouse pianists and Delta blues progenitors, and his high-pitched voice would have been perfectly suited to a scratchy 78rpm record. After a stint playing mandolin in the Hackensaw Boys, the native Kentucky singer is hitting the road to support his second LP "Beat, Move and Shake."Opener The Kansas City Bear Fighters used to be called The Denver Broncos, but their legal department didn't have the resources to mount a defense against a pro football team. Employing tenor banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, upright bass and strategically selected Hawaiian shirts, the group's gleeful originals can really get the joint jumpin'.


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