Robert Collins Lecture and Book Signing


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In the "Author Meets the Subject," Robert Collins gets to do what most historians only dream of, he has a 20-30 minute discussion with the subject of his biography. Actor Tim Rues as Jim Lane kicks off the performance by asking his biographer why the word "scoundrel" appears in the subtitle of his book. Collins lists his reasons and then moves on to what made Lane a statesman, such as his work unifying the free-state movement at the Big Springs convention. The subject gives a short speech on his views of slavery, which leads to a discussion about his friendship with President Lincoln. Lane then asks the author about his importance in Kansas history.Robert Collins, a resident of Andover, Kansas, has written and published several magazine articles and books on subjects ranging from railroads to science fiction. His biography, General James G. Blunt: Tarnished Glory, was also published by Pelican Publishing.


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