Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk / The Armory / Weird Wounds / Waterfowl Habitat / Ree-Yees / Iggy Baby

Chomp Womp comp release

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Our podcast preview of the new releaseLawrence's Chomp Womp music and arts collective will be releasing its second compilation on August 8th. Spanning sounds from experimental rock to punk and electro, the comp features regional acts Bandit Teeth, Hairy Belafonte, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, and Norrit as well as non-regional acts such as Thoughtforms (UK) and Alas Alak Alaska.To coincide with the release, Chomp Womp will host a release party with performances by Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, The Armory, Weird Wounds, Waterfowl Habitat and Ree-Yees. DJ Iggy Baby will put the night to rest with a sweaty dance party. In addition, local artists and businesses will be displaying and selling their wares. Limited-edition hard copies of the compilation will be available at the release party for $2.$3 for ages 21+, $5 under 21.


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