Drakkar Sauna CD release show w/Dark Meat

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Putative cousins Wallace Cochran and Jeff Stolz unfortunately don't have a morphine habit or syphilitic dementia to fuel a family rivalry. Despite being far more stable and far less dead than some of their musical heroes, however, when performing as Drakkar Sauna they still manage to produce music just as heartbreakingly pretty as was made by their hard living country-roots forebearers. It's in tribute to one of these troubled influences, The Louvin Brothers, that Drakkar Sauna have recorded their new album, "Wars & Tornadoes." This set of Louvin Brothers covers retains the close harmonies of the Grand Ole Opry duo and feeds it through Drakkar Sauna's eclectic Americana smrgåsbord. Songs of old timey despair and redemption from the '40s and '50s by a couple of siblings who were torn apart by alcoholism never sounded so toe tappin'. Dark Meat and the Vomit Laser Family Galaxy is a 16- to 23-piece behemoth with two drummers, three guitar players, backup singers, a violinist, a horn section and a few folks who just attack the audience. The band hails from Athens and sports a lineage that goes back to Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System & Neutral Milk Hotel. Mixing elements of blues, punk, psychedelic jams, jazz and Zappa/Beefheart zaniness, Dark Meat puts on a spectacle rivaling The Polyphonic Spree and/or Burning Man.


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