Thunder Power!!! / Volunteers

with Capgun Coup / F*ck Fest

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  • Categories: Folk, Rock
  • Event posted: March 3, 2008
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

If you're not proactively ignoring local music in Lawrence, you've surely noticed their name on fliers, if not seen them on stage several times already. The Volunteers - Rustine Leonard on bass, Andrew Kissel on keys and vocals, Tyler Jack on guitar and vocals, and Austin S on drums - combine indie-rock chops with Kissel's broad strokes of Hammond organ and Wurlitzer piano. Not to be pigeonholed as alt-folkies, the group also displays a penchant for Built to Spill-sized guitar solos and actually good harmonies.The exclamatory Thunder Power!!! is a female-fronted, indie-pop sextet from Omaha that should be tops with fans of Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura. Besides occasionally busting out a recorder solo, the band enjoys drinking and fighting amongst themselves. They'll be joining by fellow Omahamaniacs Capgun Coup and a band called Fck Fest from fck-knows-where.


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