Go Motion

with It's Over / Waterfowl Habitat

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  • Categories: Dance, Electronic, Rock
  • Event posted: Sept. 20, 2007
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Omaha's Go Motion excels at crafting butt-shakin, new wave-influenced dance rock in the vein of Bloc Party, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, et al. Pulsing disco basslines and '80s goth keyboards (a la The Cure) meld with hard-charging drums and wiry lead guitar. The group independently released its debut LP "Kill the Love" and surprisingly peaked at No. 5 on the CMJ college radio charts.It's Over was appointed Kansas City's best new pop band by the recent Pitch Music Awards. The sharply dressed quartet kicks out cheery rock 'n roll informed by bits of Carl Perkins, The Red Elvises and The Violent Femmes. Though they have yet to release an album, the group has established a reputation as one of the area's merriest live acts.You get what you give at Waterfowl Habitat show. Dance like a banshee and Dylan Hoffman and Tanner Allen will join you; stare blankly at the floor and they will too. But with dirty-bass beats straight outta the Daft Punk camp and gnarly guitar riffs to make Prince proud, dancing is habitual at the clubs Waterfowl inhabits. Any Lawrencian who digs on NEON or like-minded DJ events would do well to check out the duo's off-the-chain live show.


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