Robbie Fulks / Julia Peterson

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No one has spent more time battling the mainstream country music establishment than Robbie Fulks. The singer-songwriter was one of the more hailed talents in the alt-country movement of the mid-1990s, before it became obvious his hybrid musical style and dark sense of humor was not a healthy fit in Nashville. This led Fulks to pen the infamous song "Fuck this Town," in which he sings, "Hey, this ain't country-western / It's just soft-rock feminist crap / And I thought they'd struck bottom back in the days of Ronnie Milsap / Now they can't stop the flood of assholes: there ain't a big enough ASCAP." Fulks is a tad more roots-rock these days, as witnessed by his latest album, "Revenge!," a two-disc set composed mainly of concert recordings of his back catalog of tunes.


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