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Lawrence's Volunteers combine indie-rock chops with folky sensibilities. Singer/songwriter Tyler Jack Anderson sounds downright happy to be alive, waxing poetic to the warm and fuzzy sounds of acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer and pedal steel. Not to be pigeonholed as alt-folkies, the group also displays a penchant for Built to Spill-sized guitar solos and actually good harmonies. Paleo is the alias of itinerant singer/songwriter David Strackany, who achieved an avalanche of press for his ambitious "Song Diary Project" -- a 365-day tour during which he wrote and recorded a song every day and posted the recordings on his website with accompanying lyrics. A talented fingerpicking guitarist and expressive vocalist, Strackany is once again on the road with what is presumed to be the largest back catalog since the Guided by Voices farewell tour.


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