with Sims & Papertiger of Doomtree and Deep Thinkers

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  • Categories: Hip-hop / rap
  • Event posted: June 11, 2007
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

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Much has been made of P.O.S.'s punk rock past; the tattoos and piercings, the skater fashion, the high-school pictures of young P.O.S. sporting a frohawk. Fact is, P.O.S is not a crossover artist-he's been rapping as long as he's been thrashing. His punk sensibility doesn't make him less of a rapper, it makes him more of a musician and allows him to fuse the angst and sincerity of punk rock with the wit and lyricism of underground hip-hop. The Rhymesayers lyricist runs the gamut from '70s funk to '80s hardcore to '90s rap on his sophomore LP "Audition," firing off self-produced nuggets that are shorter, louder and more abrasive than his 2005 debut "Ipecac Neat."


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