Archetype / The Spook Lights / Black Christmas / The Golden Guide To Flowers / Mammoth Life

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You'd be pressed to find a group of local acts more inclined to dress up regardless of what the calendar says than tonight's rotund five-band bill. The Spook Lights, heavily influenced by vintage surf music and acts like the Cramps, are led by one of Lawrence's most frenetic performers in Scary Manilow. Black Christmas shies away from frontmen all together with intricate instrumental music reminiscent of the Italian band Goblin. Archetype is comfortably established as one of Lawrence's leading hip-hop acts, but the group continues to make strides with a live rhythm section and creative sample-tweaking from Nezbeat. Opener Mammoth Life makes it's live debut this evening after more than two years of writing and recording. The group's debut LP "Kaleidoscope Art Pop" offers up shiny happy pop music with multiple male and female vocalists and custom clothing design.


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