Les Somniferes

with The Fairer Sex

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Les Somniferes are Lawrence's newest (only?) French-friendly act, weaving hints of baroque pop, cabaret and folk into their gentle compositions. The majority of the group's songs are half in French and half in English, as the three founding members-Anissa Svenson, Rebecca Watts and Kathrine Bogart-met while studying abroad in France. Upon their return to the mother country, the trio enlisted the help of Martinez Hillard and Jeff Milberger (also of The Jen Say Kwahs) and guitarist Derek Branham.Getting dumped ain't half bad when you can get in the car and listen to The Fairer Sex on your way out of town. Headed up by the songwriting duo of Zack Hart and David Wetzel, the Lawrence band dwells in the same summery stratosphere as Belle and Sebastian, The Lucksmiths and The Old 97s. Songs built on acoustic guitars and keen lyrics take on richer hues in the group's home studio, where the group cut most of its new record "Two Can Win" (Ionik Recordings).


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