Thanksgiving Blowout”

with Sick Bird / Hunters and Gatherers / Elliot Pees


  • Categories: Folk
  • Event posted: Oct. 24, 2007
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Sick Bird, a twangy folk act from Lawrence that's almost but not quite as weird as Drakkar Sauna. Like that perennial favorite, Sick Bird uses guitar, mandolin and high-lonesome voices to spin yarns about mirthful backwoods scenarios and pork chops. Check out this video for a taste of the Sick Bird influenza:Word amongst the upper crust is that this Tofurky-butchering gala may also include recent artworks by Eric Dobbins, Kenneth Kupfer, George Demura and Patrick Hangauer as well as performances from Range Life's Hunters and Gatherers and classical guitarist Elliot Pees.Art at 8pm.Music at 10pm.


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