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In 1990, the Pedaljets went the way of so many bands before them: the stress of overtouring added to the pressure to release an album before it was finished resulted in the members parting ways. Despite 17 years having gone by, the nagging feeling of that unfinished work remained a salty taste in the band member's mouths. The band, reminiscent of former tourmates Husker Du and the Replacements, finally got its chance to redo the fated self-titled second album to their satisfaction, thanks to the producing efforts of Paul Malinowski and the support of Sonic Spectrum's Robert Moore and Oxblood Records. The band's music holds up against the test of time - alternately jangly and driving, it doesn't seem the band even experienced a lapse, much less such a lengthy one.With members spread from San Francisco to Kansas City, the Hearers have managed to create a sound as eclectic as the places the members call home. The light, ambient textures featured on 2006's "Don't Make the Captain Cry" are heightened by ample use of pedal steel, mandolin and haunting male and female vocals.


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