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Davey von Bohlen began his music career with The Promise Ring, a Milwaukee, WI, band that outgrew its early emo leanings to become widely regarded purveyors of pristine new-wave-injected pop. Though the band continued to develop with each album (culminating in the criminally under-appreciated "Wood/Water" album), its indie-darling stature outpaced its ability to sell records and the group broke up in 2002. Fortunately, von Bohlen wasted no time assembling a new band called Maritime, which has since proved to be an even better vehicle for his concise pop songs built with super-clean guitar riffs and tasty keyboards. Maritime's third record "Heresy and the Hotel Choir" demonstrates the spoils of a settled-in lineup, years of refining the pop-rock craft and a still-fierce desire to BRING IT!


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