Food For Thought” with Heidi Van Pelt

"A Speech, Feast, & Film"

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Heidi Van Pelt is the chef and creator of Playfood Inc., a manufacturing company that produces dairy alternative products made from raw cashews. Playfood can be found at most local grocery outlets and now the national chain WholeFoods. Playfood was founded in 2002. Beginning of 1994, Heidi changed her vegetarian diet to all raw living food. This is what sparked raw vegan cheeze and her investigation of the human terrain and how it reacts with food. The following year she took courses from the American Academy of Nutrition earning her a certificate as a Nutritional Counselor. Within a year, the doctor and Heidi created O2, an oxygen bar that served raw food with actor Woody Harrelson. Heidi moved on from this project to further her volunteer work landing in South Dakota where she worked with the natives. Throughout the years of research, teaching and volunteering, Heidi has catered hundreds of events in the entertainment industry, served as a private chef to several celebs and taught many private and personal chefs the vegan and raw trade sparking a new generation of "conscious chefs". Heidi has been a pioneer in the raw, living foods community creating recipes that are used even today by a few famous chefs. Her vegan food has changed many lives sparking new careers for some in the health industry. Heidi's classes, private Los Angeles restaurant and passion for evolution have kept the raw food and vegan movement on its ever-evolving toes. Heidi continues her path of nutritional study and forward business thinking in her hometown of Kansas City where she is pushing the nutritional envelope for the locals by opening an all vegan and organic restaurant. Heidi plans on opening a chain of vegan restaurants and more vegan manufacturing facilities. She will speak on Food you eat in your everyday life and what you can do to make a small difference everyday in your environment and your personal health. Menu Sunny Wraps Raw Pumpkin CurryQuinoa and Veggies (Seasoned for the weather)Cinnamon Oat Treats The film explores the idea that the single individual is the key to large-scale transformational change. It follows actor Woody Harrelson as he takes a small group of friends on a bio-fueled bus-ride down the Pacific Coast Highway. Their goal? To show the people they encounter that there are viable alternatives to our habitual, environmentally-destructive behaviors. The travelers include a yoga-teacher, a raw food chef, a hemp-activist, a junk-food addict, and a college student who suspends her life to impulsively hop aboard. We see the hostility these pilgrims encounter, and watch as their ideas are challenged from within and without.Schedule 4-5PM Speech 5-6PM Feast 6PM-7:30PM Film Admission $4 entry $8 meal Extra donations accepted


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