KJHK Farmer’s Ball (early show!)

with Soundquist / Rusty Scott / Five Defy / Mammoth Life

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Download our podcast preview of KJHK's annual fresh sounds of Lawrence fest, this the 2007 edition of Farmer's Ball.If one were looking for an abbreviated introduction to Lawrence's best new bands, KJHK's Farmer's Ball would be the ideal place to start. The competitive aspect of the annual battle-of-the-bands usually takes a backseat to the camaraderie, which is usually in fell effect despite a wide breadth of musical styles.This year's crop features wet-behind-the-ears acts like Les Somniferes (French pop), Mammoth Life (indie pop), Stik Figa (hip-hop), The Jen Say Kwahs (rock), Blue(ish) (electro folk), Soundquist (experimental electronic), Rusty Scott (Americana) and Five Defy (rock). They'll go toe-to-toe in four-band bouts Thursday and Friday and seek a knockout blow at Saturday's finals at The Bottleneck.TonightSoundquistRusty ScottFive DefyMammoth Life


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