The Rosebuds / Land of Talk

CANCELLED: White Whale

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  • Categories: Rock
  • Event posted: April 3, 2007
  • Last updated: Sept. 16, 2014

Event details

The Rosebuds are a husband/wife duo (plus band) from Raleigh, NC that churns out polished pop rock for the Merge label. Employing the same playful attitude that Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers trademarked, The Rosebuds cop a variety of styles while never sounding too derivative. The group's latest "Night of the Furies" is an exercise in shiny synth pop with bits of disco, house and indie rock. Opener Land of Talk is a female-fronted indie pop band from Montreal, CA.Lawrence's own Merge Records representative, White Whale, is no longer on the bill.


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