Split Lip Rayfield

3 Days of Shows, different opening lineups each night!

Event details

In a year that started with the loss of their friend and bandmate Kirk Rundstrom to cancer, Split Lip Rayfield was hardly thinking about music. But when they inevitably came back around to it, they came to a resounding conclusion: Kirk would've wanted Split Lip to live on. An emotional return to the Winfield stage marked the beginning of Split Lip's next chapter-one marked by sadness but also by the celebration of Kirk's legacy and the familial tribe that coalesces 'round every SLR hootenanny. That extended family will have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season as Split Lip takes the stage for three consecutive nights at the 'Neck, culminating in a New Year's Eve engagement with In the Pines and Truckstop Honeymoon. Three shows: Dec. 29 with The Ants and Dirtfoot ($16)Dec. 30 with Drakkar Sauna and Woodbox Gang ($13)Dec. 31 with Truckstop Honeymoon and In the Pines ($21)Three-day package: $32


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