D Numbers

with Headlights / 1,000,000 Light Years

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Two bands from opposite ends of the indie rock spectrum tag-team it with Lawrence Range Lifers 1,000,000 Light Years.D Numbers jams instrumental/electronic explorations in the vein of Tortoise and/or Euphone. The Santa Fe, NM, trio is touring hard behind its self-released debut LP "Lightparade" - a patchwork quilt of jazzy styles woven with post-rock threads. Headlights hails from Champaign, IL and plays "indie pop with a shoegazey aftertaste" that alternates male/female vocals and integrates lovely flavors like Wurlitzer, Moog and pedal steel. The band released its debut LP "Kill Them With Kindness" on Polyvinyl Records and is prepping a sophomore release for February.1,000,000 Light Years is the solo project of Patrick Hangauer (the bassist for Fourth of July), who pursues an analog approach to electronic music with hot beats and blip-bloop melodies. Live performances have expanded to include Steve "Say My Name" Swyers on sampler, bells and keys and Curtis "Candlepants" McCoy of the now-on-hiatus minimalist free jazz trio Free All Beats on auxiliary percussion.


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