Ryan Montbleau / Family Groove Company

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As far as singer-songwriters go, Ryan Montbleau is a bit of a chameleon. His sound at times ventures near the edge of croony a la John Mayer, but as the listener prepares him or herself for another heartfelt jamout, Montbleau isn't afraid to switch gears to fingerpicking and some old-timey country. An adept songwriter, Montbleau's technical guitarwork never gets in the way of his powerful voice, forefront of their sound, and which sounds closest to Adam Levine of Maroon 5, albeit slightly less sharp. Chicago quartet Family Groove Company describe themselves as "groove-informed jazz/rock", and have been touring the festival circuit since their inception five years ago. FGC has gained a strong reputation among its fans for bringing a high-energy show that makes a dance party out of any venue.


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