Dark Meat / Drakkar Sauna

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Dark Meat and the Vomit Laser Family Galaxy is a 16- to 23-piece behemoth with two drummers, three guitar players, backup singers, a violinist, a horn section and a few folks who just attack the audience. The band hails from Athens and sports a lineage that goes back to Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System & Neutral Milk Hotel. Mixing elements of blues, punk, psychedelic jams, jazz and Zappa/Beefheart zaniness, Dark Meat puts on a spectacle rivaling The Polyphonic Spree and/or Burning Man.If post-Beat writer Richard Brautigan had been a musician, he might have sounded something like Drakkar Sauna. Employing natty haberdashery and a contraption called the harmophone, the Sauna crafts gleeful ditties about things that few humans can comprehend - the etiquette of dueling, cannibal metaphysics, Spanish cinema - and you can sing along to it all. With this show, misters Jeff Stolz and Wallace Cochran, the Sauna's Marxist (Groucho) masterminds, celebrate their forthcoming release "Jabraham Lincoln" - which they will no doubt refuse to do, and instead pole-dance blindfolded to old Dolly Parton songs or something. Accept no substitutes! When Drakkar Sauna is around, everything's right with the world.


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