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Documents released by Kansas SRS in response to Open Records Request

SRS Notes on closure of Lawrence office
July 11, 2011
In a meeting with Journal-World staff, the leaders of Kansas' Department of Social and Rehabilitative Services described the particular reasons for the closure of the Lawrence office. They also said that they would be transparent in the process and have and would continue to provide regular updates to staff.
Where the savings in closing Lawrence office come from
July 11, 2011
Kansas SRS says the majority of its savings in closing the Lawrence office will come from no longer paying its lease. Utilities are another major area of savings. SRS projects spending about $15,000 in additional travel expenses because of the closure.
Facts considered in SRS office closings
July 11, 2011
Kansas SRS detailed some of the key reasons behind its decision to close each of nine offices around the state of Kansas.
Caseload by SRS office
July 11, 2011
These are the caseloads and case loads per capita of the various SRS offices in Kansas, including the ones slated for closure in the coming year.