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Documents related to the KU ticket scandal

Charlette Blubaugh plea agreement
January 27, 2011
Charlette Blubaugh's plea agreement. Blubaugh entered a guilty plea on Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011.
Copy of federal indictment in KU ticket scandal
November 18, 2010
Federal indictment against Tom Blubaugh, Charlette Blubaugh, Kassie Liebsch, Ben Kirtland and Rodney Jones.
Perkins’ modified police report
September 7, 2010
A slightly modified version of the initial police report submitted by Lew Perkins and his attorney on April 16, 2010.
Perkins’ initial police report
September 7, 2010
The initial police report filed by Lew Perkins and his attorney alleging that Perkins was blackmailed. The report was filed electronically on April 16, 2010.
Jason Jeffries Court Filings
July 7, 2010
Charges were filed last week against Jason Jeffries relating to the ongoing investigation into improprieties in the KU Athletic TIcket Office.
Brandon Simmons Court Filing
July 7, 2010
Brandon Simmons, former KU athletic official, was charged this week in connection with the ongoing investigation into the athletic ticket scandal at KU.
KU report on investigation into ticket scandal
May 26, 2010
Kansas University retained the Wichita law firm of Foulston Siefkin to conduct an investigation into alleged improprieties in the Kansas Athletics ticket office. This report contains their finding and the documentation that supports what the law firm says it uncovered.
Supporting exhibits for KU’s investigation
May 26, 2010
Supporting exhibits for the investigation by KU into improprieties in the KU Athletic Ticket office.
Turner GIll’s First Contract with Kansas University
January 27, 2010
Kansas Athletics agreed to pay football coach Turner Gill $2 million per year in this contract released by KU.
Turner Gill’s First Retention Agreement with Kansas University
January 27, 2010
Turner Gill will be paid $100,000 per year after five years if he remains coach of KU's football team in 2015.
KU’s settlement with coach Mark Mangino
December 16, 2009
KU agreed to pay former football coach Mark Mangino $3 million as part of his agreement to resign from his position as coach.
David Freeman’s plea agreement
June 30, 2009
David Freeman's plea agreement, accepted June 30, 2009 in U.S. District Court in Topeka by Judge Richard Rogers.
David Ray Freeman court documents
June 27, 2009
The "information" filed in U.S. District Court in Topeka that outlines the charge facing David Ray Freeman, a Lawrence builder.