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Documents in the cases of Joe Jones and Joel Russell

Joel Russell 1985 plea agreement
April 26, 2012
Court documents from Joel Russell's plea agreement in the attacks of three women near downtown Topeka.
Jones’ psychology report
April 26, 2012
A psychology report filed in Joe Jones' case that describes him as someone unable to commit a violent rape.
Eyewitness misidentification
April 26, 2012
Lawrence Wrightsman, a KU psychologist, filed a report in Jones' trial detailing the problems with cross-racial eywitness identification.
Joe Jones payment
April 26, 2012
A description of the $350,000 awarded to Jones in 1993 from the Kansas legislature.
Joel Russell appeal
April 26, 2012
Joel Russell's appeal to his 1992 convictions of multiple sex crimes against minors.