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Nonprofit Director Salaries

Database shows the salaries of nonprofit directors in Lawrence. See below for more information on the data.

About the data
How we selected nonprofits for this study:
• Obtained a list from the Internal Revene Service of all registered nonprofits in Lawrence.
• Excluded any agency that had revenues of less than $20,000 or agencies that paid a director less than $10,000.
• Included ECKAN, which is housed in Ottawa, because of its close involvement with the Lawrence community.
• Also included Lawrence Memorial Hospital, which has a slightly different tax classification than other nonprofits in this study.

How we obtained the data
• Most of the nonprofits’ IRS 990 forms, which provide a financial summary of each agency, was available for free online at
• If the information was not listed, we contacted the agency and asked their director to disclose their income.

Variations in the data
• Not all agencies had yet filed a current year 990 form, or it wasn’t online yet, so the salary is for a previous fiscal year.
• Agencies varied in how they calculated compensation. Some included benefits, such as contributions to retirement programs, while others did not. Our figures are for total compensation, including salary and benefits, if the agency listed those numbers.


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