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On Lawrence police release video seeking suspects with warrants


Keith 2 years ago

You have to watch a commercial before seeing this public service video?


sheidrickman 2 years ago

And then you must listen to awful music.


Lawrenceks 2 years ago

Looks like most of them are a Lawrence homeless that the city caters to!


msezdsit 2 years ago

So, since you have seen these people and your comment seems to be, at the least, derogatory in nature, have you reported them to the police?


Lathrup 2 years ago

That's it! I won't try to help put if I have to watch a stinking Commercial to do so. I did't even watch. Who ever is on there could be a next door neighbor, but I'll never know. Nizx the commercials and I'll help as much as I can.


brewmaster 2 years ago

The head-banging background noise is directly from the video posted on the LPD website. It is part of a new citizen awareness effort. Incarcerated inmates reveal "music" identified with dopers, gang bangers and thugs, then that music becomes part ot the public help campaign.


Bladerunner 2 years ago

Wheres the reward info?


msezdsit 2 years ago

Did you do your civic duty and report these three people and their names to the police or did you just post an unsubstantiated anonymous comment so you could tell us about your stereotyping people who are less fortunate than say, you are. Who pays for your college classes? If homeless people had someone paying their way they probably wouldn't be homeless either.


kwilkins74 2 years ago

typical of the lawrence folks to be stereotyping about the homeless


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