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On Key Kansas senator says he is concerned with regents graduation rates


Larry Sturm 4 years, 4 months ago

Cutting education dollars i not the way to increase graduation rates.

Richard Heckler 4 years, 4 months ago

Imagine if the Koch brothers controlled congress and all state legislatures. USA would be exactly like Russia,China,Iraq and Nazi Germany. After all the Koch brothers are John Birchers.

The country will be controlled by ALEC legislation written up in secret meetings.

The Koch brothers have spent $8.2 million alone thus far on the North Carolina Senate Race.

Arpke wants to turn KU and such over to ALEC. Make no mistake about it. And our public education system. Big Government Supreme.

Amy Varoli Elliott 4 years, 4 months ago

Would you stop posting this on every single article the LJW publishes already, we get it.

Bob Forer 4 years, 4 months ago

Not everybody reads every single post, Amy. Richard has a right to restate his opinions in however many ways he deems fit. Just as you do. If you don't like what he has to say, skip his posts. No need to get upset about it.

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