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On Brownback creates panel to study Kansas seismology


Greg Cooper 4 years ago

Well, great idea. It's not like we have the Kansas Geological Survey or any number of Geology-related degree programs in Kansas universities. Hell, we probably need this committee more that we need the professors and experts who can already combine ongoing and current studies that would point to scientific lines of inquiry. However, it's probably much better that we appoint a committee that will appoint sub-committees that will send out invitations to other individuals who probably know more that the experts we already have in hand. Nah, don't let the students who are studying the field any latitude in making conclusions or recommendations--they won't charge the state anything and might say things that only liberal, Democrat students would say, all to no avail, and at little expense to the State.

This is the way Brownback works: identify a problem, study it, and then do what The Kochs tell him to do.

Jen Humphrey 4 years ago

Greg, Rex Buchanan - the person named to head the group -- is the director of the Kansas Geological Survey.

Greg Cooper 4 years ago

Thank you, Jen, but my point still stands: we have enough researchers and programs in ploace that this grandstand play by Sam is unnecessary. From the Party of Less comes another More. Enough is enough. Let the system work as it should and quit playing to the money.

And, by the way, the money would be quite annoyed if their methods were cited as demons, now, wouldn't they. So, it's quite certain in my mind thaqt there is a plan behind this plan. We'll see.

Richard Heckler 4 years ago

Kansas can live better without Fracking and Sam Brownback.

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