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On KU to hold symposium on the fate of rural communities


Bob Zimmerman 4 years, 4 months ago

Save yourself the time and money to attending this event.

Just let those town fade away; especially in western Kansas. Maybe even accelerate the process and pay those folks to move away.

This is better than spending millions of dollars propping up these towns (like that stupid aquifer idea).

4 years, 4 months ago

Surely you jest? If not, let's let the Bob Zimmermans fade away. Don't you like to eat bread, beef, corn--maybe you don't eat. Those hard working Kansas farmers need some place to buy their food, their fuel, and so forth. Without small towns where will they shop? Let's have all the farmers drive to Wichita, Lawrence, Topeka, to buy a gallon of milk.

I grew up in a huge city and now live in a wonderful town of 115 people. We love it here and have a great deal of community pride. You should come out and enjoy one of our celebrations this year. The next one coming up is the Rock-a-Thon the week of March 16th through the 22nd. Can you imagine a small town celebrating their place in the sun for a full week?

I usually enjoy the repartee between readers of the Journal World, mainly because most of the responders are intelligent and make a good case for their viewpoint.

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