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On Opinion: ACA impact on jobs becoming clear


Chris Golledge 2 months ago

The actual report describes workers in relation to number of hours per year worked, and this is somewhat different from the way Republicans are spinning it as jobs. For instance, while I think Pelosi's comment is a bit imaginative, part of the reduction in workers is the count of labor reduced by someone deciding they don't need that second, part-time job to cover all their expenses, including health care, because they can get the health benefits they need without it.


Mike Ford 2 months ago

nice subject change to be expected.....not very smart though.


Gerald Dever 2 months ago

Dead horses and pigs.........


Bob Smith 2 months ago

Deceased equines are being pummeled in these comments.


Richard Heckler 2 months ago

Now let's talk tax dollar subsidies for a bit. And let's take a look at how medicare dollars are spent which make it idiotic to kill medicare. Tax dollars already pay for at least $1.2 trillion in annual U.S. health care expenses which is good use of OUR tax dollars however 100% of citizens need this privilege.

Paying through the Taxman.

The U.S. health insurance system is typically characterized as a largely private-sector system, so it may come as a surprise that more than 60% of the $2 trillion annual U.S. health care bill is paid through taxes, according to a 2002 analysis published in Health Affairs by Harvard Medical School associate professors Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein.

Tax dollars pay for Medicare and Medicaid, for the Veterans Administration and the Indian Health Service. Tax dollars pay for health coverage for federal, state, and municipal government employees and their families, as well as for many employees of private companies working on government contracts.

Less visible but no less important, the tax deduction for employer-paid health insurance, along with other health care-related tax deductions, also represents a form of government spending on health care.

It makes little difference whether the government gives taxpayers (or their employers) a deduction for their health care spending, on the one hand, or collects their taxes then pays for their health care, either directly or via a voucher, on the other.

Moreover, tax dollars also pay for critical elements of the health care system apart from direct care—Medicare funds much of the expensive equipment hospitals use, for instance, along with all medical residencies.

All told, then, tax dollars already pay for at least $1.2 trillion in annual U.S. health care expenses. Not only that the health care industry is the fastest growing employer in the USA. What is wrong that?

More on this matter: Physicians for a National Health Program ( very interesting findings)


Richard Heckler 2 months ago

There will not be a job drop in the workplace. This is how the right wing spins misinformation.

Actually the right wing has it backwards. This is good for job openings. As people retire INSTEAD of staying on forever for reasons of medical insurance ObamaCare is moving people out to make way for those who want to be employed. Win Win Win for the economy.

Not only that the health care industry is the fastest growing employer in the USA. What is wrong that?


Abdu Omar 2 months ago

Reading this guy is like reading Cal Thomas I don't believe him a bit, sorry to say. Perhaps there are some facts there but his tone and soutyle belie that always. Hatred for someone shouldn't confuse the facts, and a jounalist, if that is what he is, should always tell the facts, not pontificate on his opinions.


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