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On 34-year-old Lawrence man charged in Friday shooting


Bob Gent 4 years ago

If only the victim had been able to legally carry a loaded gun in his car. Those kansas republicans were too late to save the poor guy. When will this needless slaughter be ended by a greater proliferation of weaponry?

Bob Smith 4 years ago

Back to your bridge, trollikins.

Brian Woods 4 years ago

Nothing good every happens after midnight

Rick Masters 4 years ago

City Commission meetings happen in the early evening.

Paula Kissinger 4 years ago

Well, Bob, this might lighten up when convicted felons are mandated to serve their controlling sentences instead of being paroled. Talk to your Democrat friends about this while you all are preaching peace in a world that will not accept it because it has allowed the evils of sin and drugs to run rampant...because, as you know, people have rights.

Amy Varoli Elliott 4 years ago

They have to parole people sooner because the budgets have been slashed

Jacob Pool 4 years ago

Wow, that is too close to home!

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