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On Roadwork: Construction planned this week


Rich Hedges 4 years, 3 months ago

I live in the Prairie Park neighborhood and notice the there is a lot of heavy truck traffic that is westbound on K-10 and turning south on Haskell Avenue only to see a warning sign that Haskell is closed at 27th street. Then they have to find a way out of the neighborhood which isn't easy for those unfamiliar with the area.

I travel K-10 to and from work in Edwardsville each day and the only sign I recall seeing is the one on Haskell just south of the 23rd street intersection. If there is one on westbound K-10 before Haskell it evidently is not easily noticed or there would be less issues.

If Haskell between 27th & 29th is indeed going to be closed as published until the spring of 2015 additional warning signs should be considered to assist commercial traffic of the closure.

Rich Hedges

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