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On Mail delayed in snow-smacked Baldwin City


Lawrence Morgan 4 years, 3 months ago

How about some pictures of Baldwin City and the surrounding area???

Scott Morgan 4 years, 3 months ago

Worst I've ever seen in Kansas L.M. Lived many moons near the U.P. in Michigan and still count the rare Kansas blizzards worse than anything I saw up there.

Funny thing, an out of state buddy sent me an e-mail mocking the fact Kansas City snow had stopped 7 bells and amounts did not add up to the big fears.

Around Midnight the wind was blowing the still falling snow like a river, drifts are unbelievable. Simply jaw dropping seeing this flood light lit up white mass moving 30 miles an hour + well, like a river.

Actually a bit frightening with thoughts of a power outage playing in our minds. Also, how would we get out if a med emergency happened.

One can not tell there is a driveway on my place. Our deck is completely drifted over, just a few inches of a few posts sticking out. Thoughts of driving out are humorous at best, we are at the mercy of our tractor guy.

Will try to post photos later........

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