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On Indian tribe wants to keep options open on casino gaming, local delegation told


Wayne James 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Why n heavens name is nearly individual afraid of having a casino in their town/neighborhood? Look the town of Mulvane south of Wichita. The powers that be do not want one in Sedgwick County/Wichita. Whether it's the religious "right" or just that the land that they own is outside the corporate limits of that cow-town, I haven't figured out. Perhaps its that both are involved.
The "bible thumpers" apparently feel that it is sinful to enter a casino and gamble away the household's savings and/or to gamble period. Well, these folks are travelling to Mulvane, North of Topeka and/or to Oklahoma to gamble, drink alcoholic beverages & spend their "hard earned" dollars and have a good time doing it.
Who loses? If one is afraid of neighborhood blight. forget it! The lawful businesses draw in more money for the city & the State than any other business in town could hope to pay into these coffers. Again check out the neighborhood around these casinos & I'm sure one will find NO BLIGHT. These buildings are maintained immaculately due to the amount of revenue they bring. Can any other business say that they own their own facilities and maintain them as do the Indian tribes? AS I said before, check out the casino in Mulvane and the monies they have generated for the city, the county AND the state. I personally don't care one way or the other, but let the Indians do as they wish with their land. Does any one tell the average homeowner that he can't paint his house with stripes or a bright pink if that is what he chooses? No. But most in their neighborhood would consider this a blight. To the citizens of Lawrence/Douglas County, stop whining about the Indians. Weren't they here before you or I? If they want a casino, let them. It would bring in more money in a year than the city/county could gain in two years in their current status. Most casino's also build hotels on their land too. Does anyone think the new hotel in "downtown" Lawrence is going to be a blight? During it's lifetime the hotel will change hands many times. The casino & any adjacent hotel will be forever n the hands of the tribe and WILL generate more business in six months than the new hotel downtown will bring n in two years. They are banking solely on revenue generated by KU. The local won't stay there. Why should they? KC, Lawrence, Ottawa (and surrounding communities) and Topeka residents will come over for a night's entertainment and stay in the adjacent hotel and hopefully off the road. Perhaps the local bar owners are afraid the will lose business. I'll tell everyone the same thing I told the "manager" of the Shakey's Pizza when they first opened on West 23'rd "You will get your share of the business and no more" They had the idea that they were going take all the Pizza business in Lawrence. Guess what. This company is no longer in least not in Lawrence.


Terry Lee 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Casinos like these are typically mismanaged and run poorly and turn into ugly shambles in short order. This will become a blight and bring down property values. If it would be run like the ones in KC or by the Legends it would be different. But it won't. No thank you Delaware.


Kent Noble 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Imagine that the Indian Tiribe wants to keep options open for a casino. Why do you think they bought the land in the first place and what a great loaction right off the highway. Money money money money money!! Awe couldn't be about the money.


Keith Richards 5 months, 3 weeks ago

Chad, who audits a business who has a food sales req? Are the audits done annually or only complaint based? Does the city conduct a real audit or just look at the sales tax reported by the business?


Jeanette Kekahbah 5 months, 4 weeks ago

ugh this is all so stupid...i think the biggest thing left to talk about is what drama queens city of lawrence & county of douglas commissioners are. took 22 years for one tribe to get trust status. so why doesn't the public need to know about how long that process takes?? and why didn't the tax-paid commissioners bother to do any homework before rushing down to bartlesville on tax payers money?? and um, duh, until the trust status is granted, any/all development is subject to all the same protocols as any other land owners face. lame, lawrence, lame.


Mropus Wan 5 months, 4 weeks ago

Huh, who woulda thunk it? Didn't see that one coming..........

(rolls eyes)


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